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Unraveling - I remember about a year ago this book was widely read and nobody knew first whether there will be a second book or this be turned into a series, and after that ending I could only imagine what everybody must feel. And it ain't pretty. It must have been a great torture knowing there's a continuation and have to wait for soooo long to have it. Anyway, I LOVE Unraveling! I can't imagine people not liking this. It has a wonderfully profound plot - with real life issues and crazy metaphysics stuff -, brilliantly written with a solid set of characters. And for a debut novel that says a lot! What more could you ask for? So, what would you do if you knew the world ends in 24 days? You don't find me fixing it, if you ask me. I'll keep on dancing till the world ends. (insert Britney song here) :) But not Janelle. No. For someone who's father is big on the FBI biz, she feels the need to at least know the 411 on the phenomenon that lead to Earth's destruction and the cases about these unknown deaths.'Lives are made of strings of moments, and every once in a while, one of those moments is pivotal and defining. It changes everything, alters you so completely that when you look back, there's a clear before and after."The gist was, Janelle died. Then she was brought back. She learns about this countdown that tells when's the judgement gonna be and tries to piece what she knows, did a couple of research, and somehow made it her business to save humanity. Pretty bad-ass, right? You have no idea. So, what comes next was pretty much a lot to take. Aside from her not taking crap from people, she's also smart and takes initiative on things. The moment I knew she's taking so much care of her brother did it to me. I am a crappy older sister, and I'm probably a bully without my knowing it, but how she's portrayed on her relationship with Jared looks genuine. Especially when she knew the world is going to end that she has a lot on her mind, with her mother's disorder among other things, she never fails to check up on him. It makes me want to stuff my brother insurmountable amounts of cakes and ice cream. Janelle and Ben.Janelle Tenner, fucking marry me. "Janelle Tenner," he whispers. "I fucking love you. Please tell me I'm not the only one swooning over them. The fact that all their lives they were connected, and how they saved each other was incredible. I don't know but Ben executes this persona that I really liked. I get it, he's brooding, he doesn't talk to her in years until he saved her, he's mysterious.(Just another man on the block) But he's also smart and not to mention, romantic that makes him all unearthly! mind over matter:As much as I love the unique-ish story, realistically I thought some things through. When Janelle came back to life, the countdown starts and it's suddenly on her? Only she, the 3 stoner dudes from her high school, and some FBI related people only knew about the world ending? How? What about other countries? Because how could you have an apocalypse and not make it worldwide? HAH.And what Stacia saidI think we get enough Ben description for one day. Mint, soap, and gasoline. I'm weirded out that she likes the smell of gasoline on him. Egh.It bothered me that she's more worried about not being with Ben in these circumstances than the fact that her father died. I get that she reminisces the lives they have before but that's it, they're in the past. Her regret won't do anything anymore. This would have been a perfect five star for me but it was unacceptable on my part that her father died. I liked him in the story though we only get little glimpse of him. And lets not forget about her best friend. :(. Sorry, I'm just a huge daddy's girl so whenever I read about a father/daughter scene I can't help but be attached. Okay maybe it's just me because despite those uneasy thoughts, I did enjoy the story so much. It's a very good start for the series. An underlining mix of mystery, fantasy and romance that pictures the end of the world like a wild goose chase. Yes, it was that fun. And exhilarating. xx