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Music of the Heart - Katie Ashley When a friend suggested this book, how could I pass up? I'm a sucker for musicians and all its glory. 3 stars. It means it's okay. Not too complicated, and not to shabby. Just well and good. A good read if you want something light, fun, and some come on innuendos with heat at some parts. Also, there's a little Spanish thrown in.I liked it. There I said it. However, I can't help but point out these people's wrong move choices. I liked Abby to begin with; she's feisty, witty and doesn't take crap form anybody. But I don't know how she managed to hold on to her virginity that long when at times I find her coming on to strong. I mean, she keeps leading Jake on, and it was tough for him to keep himself in check. As for Jake, well he's a douche at the start. Just that sometimes, everything he thinks about is getting in her pants. Like hell. Let's not forget the storage room with the waitress scene. I just want to punch him for also leading Abby on! But I slowly grow into him, no literally of course.There might be some parts that I did not like those occasions with Bree and Abby's lame attempt to be a good girl when sometimes I find her obnoxious and I know she's close with her bro's but she's awfully confident in talking to them about how she's done sexually that could have been dealt otherwise. While I was reading I can't help but wanting to rewrite this story where at some parts it lacks substance. Otherwise it was still good. I laughed at them and with them, and fumes a little ones in a while.