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Dirty (Dan and Elle #1)

Dirty (Dan and Elle #1) - Megan Hart WOW. This is very touching. I'm glued to my seat and just stared at nothingness after finishing Dirty. This is such a heavy and emotional read, I tell you. Just like the other book I've read, Broken, which was also as poignant as this one. Seems to me Megan Hart is much more than erotic novels and all sex crap. She tells a story man. A real story! My heart betrayed me to not fall in love with this book, but I did just as the next guy was. And I admit it. I admit that I feel too strongly to the characters, Elle & Dan, that I'm sorry for what they'd been through and am glad they went past it even if it's hard to be dealt with. I fell proud, too proud for the both of them to be strong. The plot felt so surreal that whenever I'm reading I can't help but make myself transport inside and look at them, really look at them not in physicality but for who they really are. I know I sound so stupid right now. Forgive me I'm a dork. Man, I appreciate everything about this book, well minus the explicit scenes which insinuate that this is an erotic novel. I'm much more appalled to the situations--their problems/issues-- than them "fucking" each other which seem to blur as I go along. It's hard to give a review on this one, honestly. It's hard to justify, let alone surpass the ingenuity of the author. Clearly I will adore her other books since the past two books I've read seem to not disappoint me thus far. And I'd really like the inclination of each story's uniqueness and individuality. Megan is just so good at reflecting a life that is real and digging through its depths. So amazing.THIS IS MORE THAN JUST AN EROTIC NOVEL. This has a heart and soul.xx