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Heart on a Chain - Cindy C. Bennett Awee, this is such a sweet book though it has a lot of bump of emotions but still good.Heart on a Chain is basically about Kate and her failed relationship with Henry after he moved during their middle school years and he's back as a senior to where Kate studies. At first, it's you typical "losers" versus the "populars" and there's one person to sweep off our heroine but as the story goes, it reveals another scenario where in her mother beats her up an all that but the saved by Henry and his exuberant family. There is a roller coaster of emotion in this one and you could really pity Kate's situation in dealing a lot of bad things that is happening to her. And the only person who was able to save her is the one that she truly cared a loved a lot. I love Kate's voice on the way she describes everything that you see yourself pulled in the book and you just want to find out very badly whether something good or bad will happen. I especially love Henry so much! He is totally your dream boyfriend and I don't deny myself to have a piece of Henry *rawr* :) This is such a good book. I love that it talks about situations that we need to be aware about. And that fact that many people suffer from this kind of heavy beating, it also open the mind of the readers that despite all that trouble, things like that could be dealt and settled legally to give people justice. I love how very realistic this one is.The relationship between Kate and Henry is just so *swoon* sweet. Okay, so I kinda like the ending too! ;) The way they are so strong and even after all the drama, they still managed to be strong for each other. I give this a 5 OUT 5 because I thoroughly enjoyed it and glad I found an ebook of this just today!:) This is such an emotional read and I find myself close to tears at some parts but still highly entertaining. xo