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Playing for Keeps - R.L. Mathewson A light hearted, romantically sexy contemporary novel stuffed with a well-reserved Haley - glazed with a food junkie Jason - topped with full-on humor and scrumptiously hot affair that will surely flip your insides when tasted. don't mind if I do!First thing: The cover isn't quite catchy, yes? It did me a lot of takes to scan the book for good measure. A Neighbor from Hell series ( but I digress since the characters are anything but from Hell) comes a sweet, smart and sexy tale of two contrary people you'd most likely come across the neighborhood where she was shy and easy and he's painstakingly loud and forthcoming.Haley and Jason are very well like characters when I find myself not wanting to bang some sense into them but too pleased and humbled and graciously enjoyed them being together but also admire their individual personalities. Haley, most of her life being not in the center of anyone's attention and a pushover piqued herself when challenged over her next door neighbor ,Jason, who haphazardly took manic interest in her lovely flowerbed that said to be beyond his property. Which sounded too obnoxious find themselves in each other's pursuits. Now, I've read some similarly themed novels but this seemed to be uniquely different in a better term. Both his and hers dispositions were amusing and real. Jason on the other hand was definitely one to get me too hyped up. His heavy obsession for food was simply joyous. I can't imagine having eaten two plates of cookies yet starving for more. I suggest you get real food. But really, the guy can eat all day long and still found him so hot to not withholding his love for anything edible. And sure enough he'll fight his way to anyone getting between him and his delectable goodies: “How dare you touch my cookies, you bastard!” Those to be his exact words. So I suggest of thinking twice before messing with him.No mistaking that they're both made for each other, Haley and Jason. Haley seems to be the only one who could fill Jason up, through his stomach and other things love can do, while he gratefully accept the woman can bestow. Both having the same enthusiasm over the Yankees, Carnivals and Sweets. The Epilogue was quite a nice touch there. I enjoyed it a lot knowing some things never change. xx