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Far from You - Lisa Schroeder Oh how I love Lisa Schoeder's writing style. She just kept it small yet so full of emotions. Reading in verses excites me especially when it comes to her books. And this is a second book that I've read from her and honestly, it never disappoints me.Reading her works is like reading a diary where you get to see real and raw feelings that doesn't sound exasperating at all. Alice thinks she is left alone. Her mother died, her father remarried and the bad news is he's having a baby. All what's left of her is the comfort of her loving boyfriend, Blaze, which for me is too good too be true. I find Blaze to be such an amazing boyfriend, really. But it doesn't look so real the way he is way too inlove with her. Anyway, Alice just dislikes her stepmom so much but with a simple test of fate, she realizes people are actually good in there own way. They do not try to replace who was missing but simply fill up the space to make it more whole again. I love the concept of the story how it focuses on great maternal love which I think is very divine. The story just jumped out of the pages and before I realize it, I was done. It wasn't such a sad ending but it looks to be a very good beginning for her with regards to the thought that she has the opportunity to start a new life. "Funny how times go on, things change, and yet, some things stay exactly the same."xx