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Annabel (Delirium Series)

Annabel (Delirium Series) - "Love obeys no laws other than it's own."Oh gosh it's too short I would have loved to know more about Annabel and Conrad. I wanted more interactions from them. Argh!The moment Annabel saw the man she knew she would be married to, she felt it right within her. Like a static thing where it spreads through her body all the way to her toes, and that's when she knew the cure didn't work. Bummer.This short prequel alternates from Then and Now on Annabel's life. We've known from Delirium that Annabel was dead, but surprise, surprise when we get hints that she's in Pandemonium and would surely be at Requiem. Now I understand why Carol is always like that. She's always so calm and indifferent tries to stay away form trouble, she's always been like that since then. And I know where Lena got her rebellious streak from, and it's not from her father. Other than that, it was well written even for a short story.xx