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Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher Before reading: I heard the fuss about this book which is about death and suicide but doesn't that sounds like a shallow reason to end your self like that!After reading: I now understand how broken and lonely she is. I admit, I have a love/hate relationship with Hannah. Many thought she's self-centered, selfish, and just wants the attention to herself for creating those tapes - and I agree with all these. But let us not jump to conclusion for there is a reason behind all this happenings. Hannah Baker is just your typical high school student in the superficial school surrounded by these superficial people. Basically, Hannah is such a true person to herself and to others that I find it she's dealing with those people who are not true to her or even true to themselves. I get all she's been through since I once was a student like her. But what's she's dealing was way beyond what she can handle. She's mostly fed up with people using her, people starting false rumors which doesn't just stop there but keeps on spreading some more until people believes in all this stuff. The point is: You cannot please people. And Hannah can't go around begging them to believe on what was right or what was wrong. Saying death with a suicide note was an understatement but what Hannah did was beyond her "friends" could believe. I understand the when she did all the recording, she needs all her strength ans will to do it. I admit, again, that while reading her voice just scares the crap out of me. It's like reading a frightening murder that's about to happen and you want to do everything you can to save it but believes it's to late for it. And I feel what Clay feels as well. It's hard really to discourse to a person when you find it hard on where to begin with. I am proud of him to finish all the tapes and I can honestly say that after reading it, it gives a lot of whole new perspective to human behavior. Everybody who've read this book were right! This is an amazing eye-opener on how life is so fragile that one mishap could break everything. And for those who haven't read this, I suggest you read it. I'm not saying you should like this but it's more like an awareness. xx