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Spin - Catherine McKenzie “Hi. My name is Katie. I’m a writer, and um . . . I’m an alcoholic.”“Hi, Katie!” says the group.“Wrebbit!” says TGNDThe gist. Katie has a dream job. She wants to be able to write at this magazine she's been dying to be part of. There's an opening (a grace from heaven) and make do to prep and fill up her credentials. She gets too excited and gets way out of hand that ends her in a drunken stupor with the interview on the next day. So she went (15 minutes late) still in buzz and haze. Of course she didn't get the job. But funny how things in life became very considerate despite in a you-gain-I-lose situation. Who else to complain when opportunity knocked on your door twice? She thought to hell with it and drank herself to another oblivion. "Whoever said there are no second chances in life was a moron.So Kate got another "job" with her as an undercover where she gets the deets on the It Girl, following her on a 30day treatment in an expensive facility. It's very fitting considering her strong craving to alcohol. She realizes that Amber is more to what was percieved and somehow grew attached to her along the way. Of course, she didn't realize she needed the help that she can get. Spin was such a wonderful story. With equal parts hilarious and melodramatic, I guess staying sober is the point. The flow of the novel is so fluid you can't see any flaw (should there be any) or even thought it gone to a different direction. The transcending events kept the story afloat together with the right characters, both figuratively and theoretically, and how they bring color, life and voice to the novel. But what I really loved most about it was Kate. God, 1st page in and I was already so into her and her humor. Oh, Katie. How can you not love her? With her spiraling, laugh-out-loud antics, to her smart mouth and funny internal monologues you can never go wrong with her. I am definitely fangirling on her as Joanne fangirl's on Amber (TGND). Though the romance came in a little later in the novel, I almost didn't notice it when I was really into Katie and Amber. Henry's character, playing as Kate's progressing relationship, wasn't done fast. Their happenstance wasn't overdone or rushed to get the feel of them as together. What I loved about Spin, or any Catherine McKenzie books, is that it always remained to what the plot is really about. It doesn't stray from the original point but rather creates a new detail that adds a good spin to it.With my work being so demanding and taking most of my time by day and drains me by night, it's troublesome for me to have to start a book and decided to drop it after a couple of pages. What I need in this time constraining days is the right book to have my enjoyment. And so far, after 3 books, Catherine McKenzie just delivers these wonderful stories that fits the mood in the right time. Or in the contrary, her books sets the mood justly.“This is where it really starts, Katie. And you only get out what you put in."xx