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The Arrangement 9 (The Arrangement, #9) - H.M. Ward “Someone hired me last night, and pretended to be you.”Yeah, and with that I don't know how long are we also going to solve that dilemma. I'm not gonna lie, I loved the earlier stories of The Arrangement series. Those bloody cliffhangers always kept me on edge and just want to claw my way to read the next volume. But now I don't know how much longer is this going to keep up. How much stories, different directions this series is going. There are tons of inconsequential scenes that would only make Avery dumber by the minute than how she normally was. A lot of situations are added to make the story long-er than what is necessary. Just cut the slack and hint us whether they'll live happily-ever-after. Or not. Again, I loved the series, and I don't want to say bad about it, but gradually it became too much. Avery and Sean's characters were then driven to be lust-filled and somehow less substantial (a big no!), so I was wondering, would it still be worth it to invest into this? Yes, I guess. I mean, I already started it, might as well get it over with. Sigh. Okay The Arrangement 10. I'm waiting.