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The Fifth Favor - Shelby Reed I read this kind of premise before([b:Damaged Goods|11520968|Damaged Goods|Lauren Gallagher|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1307408122s/11520968.jpg|16457981]) which I really appreciated. With that story, it captured a harsh truth what high-class prostitution really was. And to what might be its effects to the person doing it and the person receiving. While I loved how real and genuine the story and its characters, The Fifth Favor may have a slight differ to what I thought it would. But I highly enjoyed it, nonetheless.The Fifth Favor was well written which alone was plus for me. The dialogues were impeccable, which I never thought would be. I really liked Adrian/Christopher's character. I think he's more palpable than Billie and his feelings run much, much deeper than I would have expected. I think that's what sold me greatly to understand him as to what he is and what his willing to give. Billie on the other hand was, at times, irrational. I don't like it when she sometimes thinks of herself specially without her knowing it. How she affected the guy and create much complication. But we already know how this kinds of story ends...I thought the story was more contemporary novel with those fluffy, sweet words, sexy innuendos, and a cliche story line. Whereas with Damaged Goods was more realistic and raw. This was a good read with great dynamics.