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Graceling - Kristin Cashore “How wonderful,” a voice inside said. “Welcome, my friends! Come in and take your honored place among our happy circle!”It was a familiar voice. Katsa looked up to see strangers sitting around the walls of a long room; and at the room’s end, smiling and appraising them through a single eye, King Leck of Monsea. I swear to heavens that made my heart stop, only for a bit; but long enough that I want to crawl under my bed. Some who've read this would get my feeling.In the world within the seven kingdoms, some people are destined with a surprising skill called a Grace. This Graces tend to be of every advantage to those whom have it. For Katsa, the grace of killing was not what she had to become when she killed her cousin when she was young. In order to put some used to said skill, her unlce Randa assigned her to either injure or kill the people who displeases him. She realized that killing or ensuing her power is unjust and decided to never act on it again. Then she decided to go with Po to find information regarding his grandfather's kidnapping. What started out as a trek in the forests turned to led them in rescuing Bitterblue and lands them in the face of a powerful Graced king. The three of them must go through extreme lengths for survival and to take down the nasty old, big bad, deceiving king. Graceling, which I formerly known as the Seven Kingdoms series but changed to Graceling Realm, was a very wonderful read. Wonderful doesn't cover most of it. The story was very well-thought of for a fantasy book, great characterization, awesome world-building, and the writing was very, very sleek and provocative enough to be phenomenal. At last! A heroine that is not irksome.Katsa is in some ways quite similar to The Hunger Games's Katnis Everdeen. With her malevolent skills and her good sense and wisdom. Other than that, there's also a list for differentiating. I never thought any body could actually top Katniss since she is the ultimate heroine, until Katsa. But I'm not wasting my time comparing the two, which I know will be pointless and irrational. I love Katsa. She's perceptive, determined, and with sterling disposition. The plot was very great especially of the relationship aspect between katsa and Po. I'm glad the story doesn't actually revolve around banging each other. Kristin Cashore did a really great job with the overall outcome of the story, and I don't think I could express it more. It was imaginative, riveting even. I never really consider myself a healthy reader for fantasy and dystopia for I usually don't take much interest in it. Since the thought of "different worlds" is of huge concern to me. But I also take massive pleasure whenever the story is exciting, gripping, and very interesting albiet its huge popularity. On other news: I hear Fire is a companion to book one that covers something different. I sure hope it's still as superb! Better check it out.xx