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Easy - Tammara Webber SWEET AND SEXYOkay, okay. I don't want to sound like a 15 year old girl fanning a crush over a super cute boy so I'll make this review sounds legit from a 20 year old's point. I think? Okay here goes nothing....EASY is aggsdshdgashfgasjfhakjsf!!!! So if you aren't familiar with the story, it's about Jacqueline who decides to follow his boyfriend, Kennedy, to the college of his choice but then after their 3 year relationship he suddenly called it quits with her. Of course, the sensible woman she was, she felt hurt among other things palpable. But then 2 weeks after their break-up, leaving from a Halloween party one night, a dreadful thing happened when a guy she thought was her friend (I don't want to sound blunt here) tried to rape her. Being in a very drastic situation she couldn't manage to dislodge herself from him when suddenly Lucas appeared and kind of beat the shitout of the guy. Sounds like a very romantic story huh? Well, yeah, and among a lot of other things. It doesn't nearly surprise me when the theme included a heavy circumstance - rape - which other books have claimed to have the same idea while some actually made a very good and promising story out of it, and others sounded a little unreasonable. But then I was actually caught off guard how great the delivery was in this book that it resulted a little mature for a young adult novel but but doesn't really fall to the adult category. It being said it progressed to be A.VERY.WONDERFUL.BOOK in the end. In these past two months, I have been on overdrive with all the continuous reading: it basically became my agenda every single waking moment in my life. And it occurred to me that I haven't read a very good story in a while, that I was missing something which I can't seem to integrate. But picking up EASY was wasn't that much of a huge choice at the moment but then I was reading the first page, then the second page, and suddenly I can't take my eyes out from the words in front of me. They're likely to be calling me, had that been possible because it sounds weird. Anyway I can't not, over excitedly, tell people about this! Easy is just beyond great, it's super great. I know some people might say it's plot's redundant but the feeling is very new and refreshing for me. I see the potential and how provocative this was. The characters felt very real to me that they were perfectly made without overachieving to it. Reading this feels like walking in a school campus and dorm building with enough students and faculties you could directly examine and closely observe. At least that's what I felt. I was gradually impressed by how the author's view in realism that she quite made it concrete. She kind of captures me with this one while I was reading the last page, About The Author (her words): I'm a hopeful romantic who adores novels with happy endings, because there are enough sad endings in real life. To which I agree. And maybe during a long while, realizing, that was what I want. EASY is a very potential novel from top to bottom, beginning to end. It strikes me as vivid and a very engaging read that at some point while I'm still in the middle that I don't want this to end. It became a powerful force to me which I safely say that this made a very huge impact on me. The characters and sub-characters were spot on execptional. So I figured describing them would be good. Josephine is a very well-thought of character and frankly if it weren't for her and everything about her in general, this story would have been a flump. She's from a rich family but surprisingly her actions and choices were made from her, individually. So I gather she's independent figuratively speaking and I came to like her at that. But then with all things happened to her lately - devastated with her boyfriend breaking up with her and the douche Buck sexually assaulting her - I adore her for not being the damsel-in-distress type but her decision by not calling the authorities after the Buck incident because it may result a major riot from an undergraduate college party that people might blame her and thinking that nobody could really believe her about the rape story that she kept it all to herself was actually brave of her. Lucas seems to be impregnating me every 5 minutes in the story. Everything in him screams HOT and SMART, and I picture him to be a nerdfighter because he is made of awesome. It doesn't really surprise me either that he was the Tutor because really? It's all too obvious. Lucas on his part doesn't have much of a good story behind him. He was living with guilt all these years after the death of her mother which was very devastating and sad. But in the story he's the reason I was giddy and I always sigh over him. Totally swoon worthy if you ask me. He is very sensual and during their heavy make out scenes which were a lot thank God, he made me squirm in a good way. I miss squirming in a good way. And It's been a long time since I call dibs for a book-boyfriend.Erin and Benji from which I thought I would never hear much of them. But I digress. Two very different characters but made me appreciate both all the same. They made me laugh and surprised me in a way. One being the best roommate and the other to be an eloquent gay. EASY is a very good romantic read, if you're looking for one. And this actually never disappoints because as I first handed-ly experience, it's pretty intense. Like heart-throbbing intense. And the overall story was Grade A that I never doubt this to be a 5 out of 5. I was thinking of rereading this soon just strangely after finishing it. Maybe that's really an after-effect of an amazing book. In the meantime, I'm checking out her BETWEEN THE LINES series and I heard it's really good. Nearly as great as this one. Sounds awesome. xx