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The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - Jennifer E. Smith One day, I was riding this Public Utility Jeepney(PUJ) about to go to a certain place when I noticed a boy, no, a young man sitting across me. I was stricken by him. He was good-looking (no doubt), well-built and seemed to empress me by the way he was simply dressed -- with a shirt underneath his jacket, a below-the-knee shorts (I forgot what it's actually called), and a pair of slippers. But still, i don't know why, I was well aware of him. Not to flatter myself but I can sense him glimpsing at me through the wonders of my peripheral vision. I was heavily bothered so I kept on fidgeting on my bag like some other sane girl would do. I'm not really much of a guy expert but I know that the way he was looking was definitely NOT to rob me off, which was what I have always dreaded when riding public Jeepneys. Then I was almost to my stop and I can still feel him as I was when I peek if he's not looking. I went down the vehicle and not a kilometer away he also go off. We looked at each other from a great distance and I know at the moment I am never gonna see him again, not as long as I'm aware. That moment when you read the right book at the right time! This just actually made my day. I was scrolling on my iPod looking from the list on what to read then the next thing I know I'm facing a very cute book cover. The cover really is cute, swear. And I was being lazy, lying in bed and the next thing again, it was done. I convinced my self that I would not like this book, it'll be just another teen-drama-romance which was right. But I did not like it, nuh uh. I loved it! I may not have recalled but, I have never loved a book, a very CUTE book, wherein you get to read the same drama and the same ending like those other books you've read. But this actually stood out for me. Others think it's too sappy, very much similar to others, too cliche; but for me it's an honest, compelling, heart-felt story I've read other than Sarah Dessen and John Green's. I have a heavy thing for a "father-daughter" drama, the reason I felt attached to this. And between Hadley and Oliver, maybe it would work or would not work for the both of them but let's leave the fate to decide, anyway chances that "people who meet at least three different times within a twenty-four hour period are ninety-eight percent more likely to meet again." *quoted from the book* And who knew miracles could happen over night *wink, wink* :)To simply put it, this is my kind of book. I love all the characters! The characters are not hard to understand and their build up to one another was just right. Sometimes I get bored to flashbacks but this seemed to just have flown-out. I honestly don't know what else to say. Um, read this book? Yeah, check this out for mere sake. Take a time off and grab this catchy, sweet novel. It won't hurt to try. And I hope you'll enjoy it just as I much did! P.S.: This is available at the bookstore and I decided to get it now. xx