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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver Basically it's 4 in the morning and I decided I just had to finish this. This is whack but I think I've been hit with amor deliria nervosa with this one pretty good. Strangely, I never thought I would like this very immensely nor it was this good but damn it totally got me bad. And I apologize for keeping this for way too long but just glad enough to get me started. Magdalena "Lena" Haloway, our female protagonist, has been leaving her life thinking that LOVE is a severe case of epidemic that once you turn eighteen you just had to be cured. Cured for not being able to feel Love the way normal people feels it. In this not-so-futuristic world, people in the United States of America believes that once you've been cured, you're saved. For a very long time, that's what they thought and had their lives controlled by the Government. I actually don't blame Lena for following this, getting excited to be finally cured, and being scared when your close to breaking the rules. And all her life she thought her mother had died for not being totally cured at all and so she decided she would never end up to be like her. She's been so careful and reserved, just totally opposite from her bestfriend Hana who's always living out there with her life with a little caution, but then she meets Alex. When she thought Alex was cured, she thought wrong. That's when she thinks everything is a lie. Even her leaving and breathing and thinking is all a lie. And I mean EVERYTHING she thought and knew were lies. So she makes run for it, to everything, even the so-called "procedure". And with the help of Alex, she sees a different perspective in living, then she was brought to the Wilds where everybody thought it doesn't exist which again is another lie. But as the days got close for her procedure she plans it with Alex to run away together. I know I shouldn't give much out of this but I am having the time of my life right now that I want someone to book-chat this with. Mainly at first, I never have guessed this plot could took off, but gladly it did. I mean, a novel about "restricting love" when in fact eminently it is full of it. I was just glad Lauren Oliver pulled this off. I have no doubt, in the first place, questioned how good she is, though I had a hard time diving through Before I Fall and I gladly took another shot. So realistically, the ending had my heart fast-throbbing. It was so gripping and bold like while I was reading it's as if I was there standing beside them and watching it all come alive. I always have feelings like this when the going gets tough. It had me saying WTFFF and Noooooo then Arghhhh. I'm just glad I had Pandemonium ready because I don't know if I can still wait to read what happens next. It's so good it's like one of those books you get lost in to and hardly realizes it was the end. And honestly I don't want it to end. 4.5 starsxx