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How to Kill a Rock Star - Tiffanie DeBartolo I think I was sucked in by the brilliant-ness of the writing and how I love every character in the book that if there are flaws I overlooked it. I honestly wish this story would not end. I was drawn from the very first page that I didn't want it to end. It's how badly I love this book. One thing's for sure, if this is a person I may be passionately in love with him. :)Every musician or a.k.a "rock star" needs to find his inner rock star-ness, and for Paul, folding shirts at Gap doesn't help him discover it. I find Paul a true person, he may be an ass but he has feelings. Feelings that yield and welt when in distraught. I am actually having a big crush on him, and yeah I know, I need to stop this love sickness that it might catapult into higher than I'd expected. The this is,the title tells in metaphor or am I just thinking that, either way, this book tells a lovely story about the people getting on what they want and doing everything they can to have it. It actually feels nice that even if you're just reading it, it led you to believe that there are certain people who dealt certain circumstance. I, myself find this relevant in today's society that there are so many musicians who wanted it big but neither got the chance. As i was half-way through the book, it really got so interested that when the time I reading it late at night and suddenly there's a black-out, I took my mini flashlight and used up all its battery just so that I could read the big "climax" of the book. I tell you, IT WAS THAT GOOD! I kept my eyes wide open despite the lack of light but I didn't seem to care for my eyes are away from peeling in the pages. My thoughts:Paul and Loring, I know, even I am torn apart from the two. But Paul still FTW. Bananafish. I mean, who wouldn't be interested in that catchy band name. The story and writing is so brilliant and is highly progressive. It's the good amount of fun, sadness, and awesomeness.I'm having a hard time liking Eliza. I don't know whether to like her or despise her for doing it to Paul and Loring, but still, without her there wouldn't be How To Kill A Rock Star.I love the use of abysmal expressions. kthanksbye. :)5 out of 5 Argument invalid.xx