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The Ocean - Mia Castile The Ocean by Mia Castile is a novel that deals with a lot of aspects: loss, mourning, obstacles, chances, and love. The story goes about a girl named Gianna, who has recently lost her mother over cervical cancer, and was now dealing on moving to her father's place together with her brother Alex. It has been a very hard decision for Gia since she hasn't seen and dealt with her father for a very long time because of his horrible past. And now, as she was now living with him, she sees that he was now changed to be a better person in order to be close to his children. But she's still on the mourning stage over the loss with her mother and that's where she meets Travis. Travis also has something he's been dealing with with regards to his past and he gains he's strength as he gets close to Gia. They both established that they have feelings for one another and was together, bind by romance. But something, or someone, has been "doing" stuffs just to ruin not only their relationship but also their lives. And now, all they had to do was to trust one another and to just face what lies ahead them and be strong.This actually is a very good and cute book. Is it me or this book has a lot of grammatical errors and misspelled words? Any why is chapter 22 missing?(I didn't get to read chap.22, since it's M.I.A) But that thing aside, I enjoyed this one so much. It's not really that too cheesy and the characters are somewhat relatable and seems real with the way you get to read their voices. BTW, this book has 2 POV's so that what makes it cool! :) Mia Castile did a good job of THE OCEAN. It was emotionally-driven and full of self-appreciation and actualization. So I have no doubt on giving this a 4 out of 5 stars.